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Internet is a real ocean and Pandora’s Box giving people what they want. The amazement every time when somebody goes into the web world does not get reduced or depleted. On the contrary, it goes up and up with fantastic surprise to just imagine the extent and reach of internet of today. According to official estimates, the number of websites floated on the High Street has already crossed 365 million – a figure opening up our jaws in sheer bewilderment. Yet, you can get the back-link of the website on the subject you search for in micro-seconds. The topic Fake Passport is one among them.
If you go to Google search and type the keywords “fake passport” just in 0.27 seconds, as many as 3.37 million results with back-links to sites even remotely relating to fake passport appear in the Google Index. What this means is the subject fake passport is that much popular among the online visitors. Again, according to latest statistics nearly 34.73% of total world population numbering into hundreds of millions visits the net world from across various countries.
It follows a huge portion of the net visitors search for fake passport. It is really amazing, viewed in the background of popular notion that the term “fake passport” is considered something unlawful or illegal. There is immense use and huge numbers of people are trying to buy passport, original and bogus included, for innumerable purposes. Let’s have a look over the subject.
Getting a passport through official channels involves many cumbersome procedures and formalities. This is the scene obtaining in India. One has to buy passport application from the Regional Passport Office; fill-it up with meticulous details relating to the holder’s identity, age, date of birth, nationality, religion, personal marks of identification, place of birth and so on.
For every detail furnished in the Passport Application, documentary proofs in attested Xerox copies need to be attached. It’s a different story altogether to collect all the documents from the places where they’re kept inside house, take Xerox copies and somehow get them attested by Gazetted Officers, and submit the Passport Application intact to the concerned official in the Passport Office. You get an acknowledgement slip for proof of submission.
The long wait thereafter to receive the original passport sent to you by Registered Post/Acknowledgement Due is because of the “behind the scene” verification process involved, in the issuance of passport like Police Enquiry to check the bona fide of the applicant etc.
If you don’t want to undergo these ordeals, there is a short-cut to approach nearest Travel Agents, who will arrange for A to Z about your foreign travel including passport. The only requirement for using this channel is you must buy minimum one air-ticket from them.
All these hassles are not there if you go online to get so-called fake passport and false documents. You can see numerous advertisements from agencies proclaiming they offer entirely new identity and false documents for you, including false documents and fake passport for a fee. If you have difficulty for any reason such as non-availability of original documents of your identity etc., you can try approaching these online agencies. Many surprises and amazements await you in these fake passport agencies.

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Circumstances justify the fairness or unfairness of any activity. While killing a person is viewed in the eyes of Law as Homicide and punished with life sentence or death, what will you name persons getting killed in thousands in a war? Are they not heinous crimes under the Law? No – as far as we look into human history. So far in all the continents how many fiercely fought Wars have taken place and how many precious human lives have been lost in the name of country, power, religion or sheer greediness of Kings and Emperors?
Fortunately, those gory things never happen again today, since we have eliminated the systems of tyranny and dictatorship. But even in today’s world, we often come across world news that people in hundreds of thousands are tortured by their own governments. Revolts take place in many countries against regimes in power. Suppression, atrocities, tortures and ill-treatments are meted out by neutral citizens supporting such national causes of liberation. Many examples inside countries can be shown towards this from the recent news stories.
More often than not, people suffering from mental and physical torture by the government forces resort to exodus, to other democratic and peaceful countries in a mass scale. The departure and arrival in other countries by individuals fleeing to escape the ill-treatment takes place quietly, with the help of fake passport only. These unfortunate people plan their escape very well. They do not go in groups lest they will be caught.
What they do is “buy passport” with totally new identity and false documents. They purposely conceal their real identity for obvious reasons, and get fake passport that looks same and similar in all aspects as if issued by the government of the country they want to leave. There are sources to supply them these false documents, fake passport, camouflaged identity documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, education certificates etc.
Another fortunate choice people have nowadays is use of Internet. You might have seen numerous advertisements online, from websites of UK, U.S.A. and Canada origins that they’re in a position to produce and supply fake passports, false documents, educational certificates etc. Beauty is these manufactures guarantee “highest quality” in their products that the false documents are carefully duplicated in respect of secretive features like embossing, seal, hologram, UV check, barcode etc.
They advertise that fake passports and false documents are made available for all countries from the biggest to the smallest. Interested customers can contact them by mail and order the required documents including fake passport for their camouflage use. Neatly prepared false documents exactly looking like originals without any deviation are delivered through international courier services.
This is certainly a boon for those suffering people. By making use of these false-documents they can immigrate to their ultimate destination of countries of their choice. Getting employment and means of living is somewhat difficult in countries with strict vigil. But there are lots of countries which are in need of hands for working in various fields of works and job opportunities. They provide support to these immigrants without asking embarrassing questions.
So looking from this angle, fake passports and false documents help pathetic and unfortunate immigrants, to seek fresh and happy life thereafter.

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Passports are vital documents for establishing one’s identity – no question. That’s why people buy passport in the first place. And fake passport, fake driver license, or any false documents relating to personal identity sound something illegal and fraudulent. But not in all the cases – there are other bonafide uses for these Novelty Fake Passports prepared and issued by genuine agencies. Let’s see this aspect in broad light.
The Internet Technology has opened up new vistas and avenues for the people of the world. Many things never imagined possible earlier have been brought into reality nowadays. Sitting at home and still obtaining a Degree or Diploma was never dreamt a possibility by our forefathers. Now a student in a remote town in the corner of India can get education online from a renowned University of England.
Similarly a British lad can order for alluring and colorful North Indian Kurta and Sherwani, which has been the latest fire of youngsters’ fashion in UK just by going online. The elimination of time restriction in accessing the Internet and shopping is another boon. Even if its 2 am in the wee hours in UK the buyer can go online, browse the merchandises and order for delivery of the items within 2 or 3 days.
The same Internet facility is made best use of by suppliers of Novelty Fake Passports, new identity documents and false documents for camouflage purposes of original identity. You may wonder why at all people should conceal original identity. This factor should be viewed in the foreign life-style perspective prevalent in all European Countries, the U.S.A., Canada and Australia.
It’s really an amazing fact that many wealthy and high-profile persons as well as common people face many perils from social evils like terrorists, vindictive lawyers, and unsavory persons and even estranged angry wives etc. In today’s fast world anything can happen to anybody from the security angle. So it becomes necessary for susceptible unfortunate persons, to conceal their original identity and camouflage their true identity under false-identity documents.
With a view to help such persons feeling unsafe to move around with their original passport, identity and travel documents, there are sophisticated agencies advertising availability of false documents online extensively. They reassure their potential customers that they’re in a position to supply any documents like fake passports; degree; diploma documents; driving license and any other false documents. Better still, they challenge that their “products” are prepared with excellent workmanship to bear the replica of holograms, bar codes, UV identification etc.
With such carefully prepared false documents, anyone wishing to create totally new identity for obvious reasons can transform themselves into the new identity, with the help of these false documents easily. What’s interesting they advertise that in addition to fake passports, a plethora of personal documents needed by anybody in life such as Birth Certificate; Baptism Certificate; Adoption Certificate; Marriage Certificate; Divorce Certificate; Custom Certificate etc. can be provided with impeccable workmanship for a fees.
While there is a popular notion that fake passports and false documents are illegal means of identity, these agencies prove otherwise that these real-looking duplicate documents have other benevolent and good causes of personal safety as well.

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